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ShopLinc vs. Amazon aStore Chitika users give their insights & comparisons on CPA, CPC and other ad services. Recommended user read: Tim Flight’s personal experience with both.



My Success With RPU “I have seen my overall advertising revenue increase by 15% after using Chitika’s related product unit (RPU).” -Luigi Manfred, I4U.com


Winner has been awarded $1001 from Chitika on Problogger.net!



WINNER of $1001! Nancy Callahan

“I am elated about the prize. It couldn’t come at a better time: My fiancé and I are saving up to purchase a house, and the money will be extremely useful as part of the down payment. I can’t thank you guys enough.

Problogger.net held a Group Writing Project last week & Chitika helped by sponsoring the winning prize of $1001! The winner of the project was Nancy Callahan for her entry Baby names from Video Games.

Nancy and Problogger

“I love ProBlogger — and this is coming from someone who isn’t even interested in making money (directly) from blogging. I think that says a lot about how cool ProBlogger is. For instance, Darren has posted recently about feed readers, creativity, personal branding, Technorati — topics applicable to any blog, whether monetized or not. The Group Writing Projects are especially fun — I think this is either the fifth or sixth time I’ve participated.”

Cool Facts About Nancy

  • She’s a native Cape Codder! Just 90 minutes from the main Chitika office!
  • When Nancy’s Baby Names launched in March of 2006, it was one of the first baby name blogs on the internet!
  • She’s been working on several baby name books lately, and started her blog as a way to help her reach and connect with people who wanted Baby Name information.
  • Nancy loves to talk with her readers! Contact Nancy here!

Chitika eMiniMalls Sidebar widget for WordPress v2.0

Developed by Chitika.

This is the sidebar widget for WordPress v2.0+. Using this widget, you can drag-n-drop a Chitika eMiniMall onto your sidebar with ZERO knowledge of HTML!

Total Downloads: 1050 Size: 13.21 KB | Creation Date:04 May 2006 12:57 PM

Installation Instructions:

  • Download the Chitika eMiniMalls widget using the “Download” button below OR from here (http://chitika.com/docs/eminimall-wp-widget.zip)
  • Unzip the zip file into a temporary directory.
  • Copy the eminimall-widget.php file to your WordPress installation directory under “\wp-content\plugins“
  • Make sure you have installed the Sidebar Widgets plugin (which is required for the Chitika eMiniMalls widget to operate correctly). You can find the plugin and its installation instructions at: http://automattic.com/code/widgets/.
  • Login to your WordPress Admin page, go to Plugins, and click the Activate link for the “Chitikia eMiniMall Widget” plugin.
  • Go to Presentation > Sidebar Widgets. Drag the “eMiniMall 1″ box from the available widgets onto your active sidebar. Click the small icon to popup a box where you can configurate the eMiniMall. In the configuration box, moving the mouse over any of the ?’s will get you helpful tips. Make sure that you enter your correct Chitika Account id.
  • If you’d like to add another eMiniMall to the sidebar, scroll down to the bottom of the Sidebar Arrangement page, and set the box that says “How many eMiniMalls do you want” to whatever number you wish. Now you’ll have another “eMiniMall” which you can drag onto the sidebar and configure seperately.

System Requirements:

  • WordPress v2.0 or later
  • SideBar widget Plugin installed and activated

Support:If you run into any issues or have any questions, please open a ticket at: support.chitika.com

eMiniMalls Plugin for Joomla and Mambo

Developer: Joomlaspan

About the Developer

Chitika eminimalls was a truly innovative and great idea for serving online ads and we were thrilled with an opportunity to make it that much easy to use for Joomla! webmasters. Joomla! being recognized as the best open source content management system makes it that much more relevant too, as it is very widely used. At Joomlaspan, we already had the Google AdSense module that had become very popular. We enjoyed developing the “Chitika eMinimalls Module” which was received by the Joomla! community. This will be continually developed too, to update the module with features available on Chitika. Some of our other popular modules for Joomla include the GSearch Pro and Joomla Translation Extensions both available at http://store.joomlaspan.com and many others at http://www.joomlaspan.com/joomla-downloads

How does the module work? It basically has all the features of Chitika eMinimalls built in. Instead of getting the ad code from the Chitika code generator and pasting it (which may lead to problems with some text editors), the user just selects the options in the Joomla administration backend and installing it. Using the same installation, users can have as many instances of the ads as they want and totally control the ads from within their Joomla! admin backend.

Total Downloads: 1153 Creation Date:29 Nov 2005 02:15 PM | Modified: 04 May 2007 05:14 PM

eMiniMalls Block for PHP-Nuke -By webshark_tr

Developer: webshark_tr

From the Developer

“Greetings Nukers, I made a block for using Chitika ads for my site and wanted to share. There is some info at the read me about using Chitika and my referral number for the nukers who dont have a Chitika account yet. Can use it as side or center block works with Php Nuke7.6, Firefox, Opera, Slim, Nestcape and IE.”

Total Downloads: 854 Creation Date:08 Nov 2005 07:47 AM | Modified: 04 May 2007 05:11 PM

eMiniMalls Plugin for Word Press for customizing keywords using categories -By Chris Howard

Developer: Chris Howard


About the Developer

“Greetings Nukers, I made a block for using Chitika ads for my site and wanted to share. There is some info at the read me about using Chitika and my referral number for the nukers who dont have a Chitika account yet. Can use it as side or center block works with Php Nuke7.6, Firefox, Opera, Slim, Nestcape and IE.”

This plugin helps you customize keywords using blog post categories! Thanks Chris your amazing!

Total Downloads: 664 Creation Date:07 Nov 2005 10:36 AM | Modified: 07 Nov 2005 10:36 AM