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With currently 236 registered users, Chitika SPHERE has become the best resource for current users to learn the latest tips & tricks, and for new users to get started with Chitika, fast! SPHERE kicked off with an invitation to selected publishers who we knew could do a great job starting off discussions about the best ways to implement Chitika on their pages. Now hundreds of publishers have benefited from these tips & even submitted some of thier own! Ultimately, Chitika SPHERE is the #1 place to learn about what Chitika is up to.


Expert Optimizations for your blog/website(s)

My Success with RPU

Chitika ShopLinc vs. Amazon aStore

Interactive tag cloud = $$$… who wants it? 

1,000 FORUM POSTS… NEXT STOP 10,000!

Celebrating your success from optimizations in Chitika SPHERE


Ryan has made it possible for any Chitika member to receive expert advice on their Chitika ad implementation for their blog/websites.

“It’s simple, post your URL’s and I’ll help you make the most from eMiniMalls, RPU, ShopLinc & ShopCloud$ on your pages.” -Ryan

I helped adscorp’s revenue increase by 50%…

I then found the Chitika forum and got great site optimisation from some people on it, namely Ryan, who has been a great ambassador and extremely friendly, helpful and really knows his stuff. Hats off to him. At this stage I had optimised my eMiniMalls to earn me about 50% more. -adscorp

Chitika rocked the house at the 2nd Annual BIMA Interactive Career Fair

Chitika rocked the house at the 2nd Annual BIMA Interactive Industry Career Fair yesterday in Boston, Massachusetts! On the lookout for some stars, we met some pretty cool people in hopes of joining our growing team! We had a blast chatting with hundreds of college students and grads about career potentials in Chitika & even gave away some Chitika bananas! Check out the video!

What would a publisher say if they visited the Chitika offices?

Putting a face to a great website We got the chance to meet with one of our publishers here at Chitika, Tim Flight of GPSReview.net, when he came by for a visit! We took the opportunity to help him take GPSReview.net, “to the next level”, as Tim would say.

“A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to visit the Chitika offices. If any other publishers get the opportunity to do this, jump at the chance as it will probably be a great use of your time…”

Do you deserve something for your excellent Chitika integrations?

We sure think so!

Where you are rewarded for your creativity! Starting this month, we are on the lookout for you! Continuously shuffling through our 12,000+ network looking for your excellent Chitika product integrations to be featured as our next winner! Do your ads stand out on your page? Have you integrated your ShopLinc fantastically into your website that it screams “I WIN”? Then we just may have a prize for you!

  • 1st Winner of Chitika Creative Creations

Think you got what it takes to be our next featured winner? We’ll be the judge of that!

Top Five Expert Optimization Tips from Chitika SPHERE


November 2006, we opened the “Submit your URL for Expert Otimizations” post on our official forum, Chitka SPHERE. This became our largest and most popular topic in the forum. You couldn’t wait to receive tips from Chitika experts on how to optimize your site for the holidays so we extended our optimizations submissions post on SPHERE indefinitely! 

For most of you, our best performing ad unit, the 468×180 will fit nicely in your blog column.

It’s important not to forget that your visitors typically don’t look below the fold on your page.  

Avoid placing your ad units at the very top banner ad spot and the left sidebar for maximum performance.  

Put yourself in your visitors shoes & show products you know they will be interested in.  

The new Related Product Unit is turning out to be a nice new incremental revenue stream. See Publisher Success Stories.


Chitika is at your service.. Channel Reports delivered right to your inbox

One less thing you’ll have to do today is just a click away

You’ve got mail! It’s a E-card from your neice, you love those! Then while sipping your coffee, you receive your Chitika Channel Traffic Report you scheduled to get daily. It’s nice to get your stats without having to login to your Chitika account just to view them.

Get It Now To start receiving your reports in your email inbox daily, weekly or monthly, simply login, click Reports and then Report Management. Save as many reports as you would like!  

Why channels make your life easier Channels allow you detailed tracking on your eMiniMall units. Chitika allows you to specify your own channel names, so you can set meaningful names like “180×150 Side Unit” or “Home Page In the Morning”. Your reports can then be broken down by channel name. This allows you to break down the performance of your eMiniMalls units by metrics you define.

How about another cool feature? Now when you login to your Chitika account, you will be greeted with your total of payment’s to date and yesterdays unaudited earning in your account for your viewing convenience.

Chitika=Blog$ Rooting for “YOU” on WashingtonPost.com


“Over the past few years, a number of businesses have been connecting bloggers with advertisers who recognize how the cross-linking that goes on in the blogosphere can be a good way to spread the word about their products… Chitika (pronounced CHIT-i-ka) is one of the companies connecting the two sides…” -WashingtonPost.com

Read Article!

“We are all about blog dollars,” said Chitika’s chief executive, Venkat Kolluri. “Bloggers just love this model. They recognize that rather than blast the name of an advertiser, they can add value by presenting a product they’re [already] endorsing.”