Expert optimizations are paying off for Chitika publishers!

Expert optimization works! The launch of our forum, Chitika SPHERE, marked the beginning of a fun, group-oriented discussion between the staff here at Chitika and our publishers. We put together this large informal discussion to help all our users optimize their websites using eMiniMalls & other services. This became the starting point for a series of publisher success stories. In fact, more than 200 publishers have benefited from this. Because of this amazing success, we are now extending our optimization help on SPHERE till, well, maybe forever.

Working with the Chitika staff has been one of my most pleasurable affiliate experiences. I’ve found them innovative, responsive and personable. -Gail,

The asked for expert help & doubled their revenue over night! Watch how:

The optimization that Ryan helped us do virtually doubled our revenue over night! -JErm,

Jump in and get expert revenue optimization for your website!

2006 Recap: RPU & ShopLinc Networks round out Chitika’s Success

Bloggers are now discovering premium products to generate Blog$.


Who says there are no dollars in blogs? In 2006 we successfully complemented our core eMiniMalls service with two new premium product suites, the CPC-based ShopLincs service and an intuitive but extremely effective premium RPU Network. With these three powerful premier revenue sources, thousands of bloggers have discovered how to take their earnings potential to the next level.

Our Mission: Blog$

“Since implementing RPU units, my Chitika revenue has averaged a 25% increase!” -Gail Bjork,

The success of the Related Product Unit lies in it’s simplicity. It is designed to do just what it says, display related product listings right below your article. And with ShopLincs, we were able to finally give bloggers their own shopping portal that is more than just a co-branded store. Bloggers can now show deals from thousands of name brand merchants. Created for premium bloggers/wannabe affiliate marketers.

I made 19 times as much money with Chitika last month than I did with Amazon.” -Tim Flight,

Let’s not forget the eMiniMalls 4th cousin eMiniMalls | MPU (Multi “four” Product Unit). This was the result of a simple question we asked ourselves: Why pick one when you can choose from four?

eMiniMalls has managed to turn graphic ads into interesting, interactive, info-packed bundles of fun that users find irresistible. And they pay too.” -Joel Comm,

The MPU also became the industry’s FIRST and ONLY “referral link enabled” unit available to publishers. This gave us the opportunity to improve on a referral program which was already the#1 program with a 10% revenue share commission over a period of 15, not 12 month term.

The guys at Chitika have been busy giving us users what we want. Way to go Chitika!” -Rick Blythe,

What a year! 2006 has been a blast. Here’s to our publishers, who helped us get here! Looking into the future, we are excited to be a part of this online merchandising revolution in the blogosphere. It is obvious the blogosphere is a spear moving forward, and we are happy to be a part of the influence that’s continually empowering the bloggers.

Happy Holidays from The Chitika Team!

Blogging ‘gurus’.. chime in!

Sitting at my desk this morning, like every morning, going through my daily routine, email, phone messages, call backs, coffee, notes, headphones, coffee, ebay, and catching up on some blogs, is when it hit me.. what if there was a place to blog away from blogging? Once you have established a blog or blogs, you have put on a mind set about a blog subject, but what about blogging itself? Have you ever, right in the middle of blogging, come up with a great idea and wished you could tell someone about it? You’ve crossed your 50th blog post woohoo! And think to yourself, I like blogging and I have become pretty good at it. I could teach someone a thing or two. While I am blogging, sometimes I wish I could re-think my blog tone and just talk about something else.. a blogging journal of some sort would be nice.

And with that, a place to write about blogging, is born.. Bloggers, beginners, underdogs, whatever you wish to be known as.. you are living proof there is dollars in blogging. And Chitika believes this so much, that our mission statement is literally: Blog$. This blogging guide titled: Blog$, was designed by me, to be filled in by other bloggers, you. Here, just about anything goes. So please share what you have to offer about the ‘art of blogging’. I have broken up the stages of blogging into 3 sections from beginnger to expert, in what I think each should be under. These can be changed, moved around, taken away or added to. Just speak up! 

Make the most of your Chitika | ShopCloud$

Did you know, you could not only put a cool revenue earning tag cloud on your blog/website, but also customize it with products of your choice and a cool title to attract your visitors? Chitika makes it possible with ShopCloud$.

Where to place ShopCloud$ ShopCloud$ work best below your page content. This has proved to be relevant just the same as RPU, because once your readers have read your article, they are in the mind set to find out more, or find other products.

ShopCloud$ tag sizes DO matter Don’t simply choose a cloud format size, a category and then run with the code. Chitika gives you full flexability to customize your cloud so you can get the look you want! So look at the cloud before you grab the code and see if it is going to stand out on your blog/site. If all the tag size keywords are the same size, adjust the tag size settings

How to get these results

Step 1: Choose size

Step 2: Choose category

Step 3: Choose tag max size, min size * Most importantly: choose a higher tags max size than the default setting you see. This will increase the number of keywords in your cloud, which is how the above result was achieved!

Personalize your cloud to say what you want! In place of the default “Hot Products”, use any text you want in the ShopCloud$ code panel.

Chitika shares Publisher Success Stories

Chitika opens a series of publisher case studies. Follow along as we capture publisher success using Chitika services and monitizing solutions! Now featuring, the -How JErm from TechFresh doubled his revenue over night!

the results made us jump out of our seats” -JErm


  • The is made up of,, and 

Expert advice from Chitika “Gurus” to increase your revenue


GET YOUR BLOG OR WEBSITE OPTIMIZED BY EXPERTS NOW Right now other Chitika users are receiving expert optimization for their blog/websites to increase their revenue on Chitika SPHERE! By simply submitting your url(s), a Chitika expert will give you individual expert advice for the holiday season! Join all the Chitika members who have already received individual expert advice from Chitika, and make the most you can this holiday season! Jump in & increase your Chitika revenue!

Chitika eMiniMalls: Keywords=$

Picking the right keywords is your key to success with Chitika eMiniMalls. In this mini guide, you will learn the importance of optimizing your eMiniMalls product base, and how your earnings may be effected by it.

Part 1: Keywords=$

  • Take control & see your check increase at the end of the month

The revenue you receive each month will depend on the right keywords/product names, you choose. Unlike other services, Chitika gives YOU complete control over which products to display in your eMiniMalls units. This will mean a lot when you want to show the exact product you are reviewing in your blog post. Set your keywords in Step 4, of the code panel when customizing your code. There is no limit to the number of keywords to insert in your code. Just be sure to click the “test” button before adding it to the list to make sure you are getting the product you want.

  • Target your audience for maximum revenue

You know who your audience is better than anyone, so take the products your audience would want to see, and use them as keywords in your eMiniMalls. Since with Chitika you get to choose what products to display on your blog/site, being able to target your audience the way you want, gives you the control you need to take your earning potential to the next level. So what are the hot items, toys, gadgets and accessories on your list this holiday season? List those items right in your eMiniMalls code now! Simply ad the keywords, separated by a comma in your code directly.

  • Categories=easy

Categories were created for you to place the code on your pages “in a snap!”. There are 40+ categories to currently choose from, including a “Seasonal Specials” category to use if your site is targeted to many different kinds of products. The “Seasonal Category” is set as a default in your code unless you change it.

  • What you should know about using keywords & categories together

So you have selected the Digital Camera category #7185, and then chose 10 keywords, and you are wondering if your keywords or the category you chose will be showing in your units. Doesn’t it rotate between both? The answer is no. If you select keywords, your eMiniMalls unit will rotate randomly between those products. The category is simply there to be used as a fallback, in case one of your keywords fails to show a product. So if you want to simply rely on Chitika’s category for the top products to be shown on your pages, select the category by itself and skip step 4. If you add any keywords, your eMiniMalls unit will run with those keywords, not the category you selected. Login & optimize here to take your revenue to the next level.  

For expert suggestions & help on this or other topics, as always, contact our support team!

Stay Tuned for Part 2: Complement your eMiniMalls with ShopCloud$

Do you have what it takes to rock Chitika’s RPU?

  • “I have seen my overall advertising revenue increase by 15% after using Chitika’s Related Products Unit (RPU).” Manfred Luigi Lugmayr – Chief Editor,

Displaying product images and when not to: The sweet balance. RPU (related product unit), a cool new twist off the famous eMiniMalls product concept idea, without product images. CPC revenue, of course…

Implementation on your website? Very simple. The RPU requires zero web design changes! The RPU is ONLY placed at the end of articles and a Chitika representitive helps you with implementation and optimization.

What makes RPU different? -Premium network of qualified sites. -An account representitive works with you on implementation and optimization.

Publisher Eligibility. You are a Chitika publisher who has earned at least $100.00 OR your blog receives at least 50,000 page views a month.

  • YES? Contact Ryan Travis 508.449.3870 Ext 980, ryan[at]chitika dot com for expert implementation of your RPU.

Chitika ShopCloud$ get gifty!

Grab it and Go! So you’ve decided to accessorize your eMiniMalls with a ShopCloud$ this season, good move! Now.. what products do you put in it? Just like eMiniMalls, you can hand-select all the products you like! But it is the busy season.. so now in your ShopCloud$ code panel, you will find 14 holiday categories created specifically for the shopping season. Just click & go! & grab your holiday cloud. New holiday shopping cloud categories:

  • Gifts for Mom
  • Gifts for Dad
  • Gifts for the teen guy
  • Gifts for the teen girl
  • Gifts for Grandma
  • Gifts for Grandpa
  • Gifts for co-workers
  • Gifts for the golf-lover
  • Gifts for the pet-lover
  • Toddler and kids toys
  • Womens gifts under $20.00
  • Gifts for the sports-lover
  • Romantic jewelry
  • Gifts for the video game fanatic
It’s shopping season!

Channel Management is now live in your Chitika account

You asked for it:

“Basically i want to get reports on my revenue by websites. For example i set up a channel for site1, site2, and site3. I then can easily view the revenue earned by each website separately or altogether. This would be excellent for me and I’m sure many other chitika users.”-Ash

You got it!  

Login to manage your channels. Mouse-over Reports & click Channels!  

Channels for your account. Channels are used to track your unit performances on your websites. There is no limit to the amount of channels you can have! Now, you can easily find what channels are making you the most by comparing two or all channels. Filter to view the last 7 days, this month, last month or select your own dates:  

What are channels? Using channel tracking in eMiniMalls Stay tuned for more channel management features! This was a request from a Chitika user on Chitika SPHERE!