Chitika | ShopCloud$ is now viral!

The ShopCloud$ on your website will now give your visitors a chance to create & customize their own ShopCloud$ and grab their code, in 10 seconds! When your visitors click on the link below the search box: “Create your Chitika|Shopcloud$”, a customization panel fades into your cloud as shown below, where they can set the category of their choice:

Font size: The cloud automatically adjusts to the font size as the numbers are changed:

Win-Win situation! When your visitors grab the code, your Chitika ID will be used anywhere they place the code! And when a visitor without a Chitika account grabs the code and you will be credited with the referral once they sign up! And it will also make it easier for existing members to customize and get their own code.

 Oh ya, and it’s free!

Chitika’s Holiday Shopping Check-list

You have some units on your blog/website, so now you are ready for this year’s holiday shopping season? Wrong. There may be some things you are missing. Here are some quick tips.

Keeping your eMiniMalls in line. I know what you’re thinking.. “I’ll just place my eMiniMalls unit over here for now, and when it comes time to place it in its most effective area, I’ll move it. How long ago was that again? Where did I say I would put it?” Well it’s time to start thinking about the potential of your Chitika revenue. It is important that you take a look at where your units are and whether or not they are in their most effective spots on your website. Just remember, between blog posts, end of reviews & after content:

What do you have to offer? The eMiniMalls unit shows your visitor a product image, not just text about products.. so with shopping on the brain, your eMiniMalls units could be just what your visitors are looking for! Or not? You have to be sure you are showing the right products. You know your visitors better than anyone, what do they want to see? Short on time? We understand. You can choose one of Chitika’s 44 product categories and let us do all the work for you!

More is better. And so is variety. Just one product! That was soo last season! Take full advantage of our multi product unit’s extra features and offer your visitors a unit that’s in this holiday season! ShopCloud$. A must have for all blogs! Do not go into this holiday shopping season without it! ShopCloud$, was designed to complement, not replace, your eMiniMalls units. Customize yours with the products you want to share with your visitors this holiday season.. and more!

Your own personalized shop! Get those product oriented blogs and websites ready for the best time of the year! Shopping season! Find out why some people prefer Chitika ShopLinc over their Amazon aStore!

Chitika helps you optimize for the holiday shopping season!

Optimization experts to the rescue. The famous holiday frenzy is upon us. There is a good chance that your blog/website could use some optimizations. Which is why we keep some Chitika experts locked up in a room, memorizing all sorts of great ideas and tips to give all our users, (kidding about the locking thing). Our optimization nerds, (oops, I mean extremely smart guys) can help you with things you may not even realized you needed. They are trained to specifically cater eMiniMalls, ShopLinc, ShopCloud$ and other features, to your blog/website the best ways possible. 3 Ways to receive expert help:

  • Contact your Chitika client support specialist.
  • Contact customer support using the subject line, “Client Support Optimization”.
  • Join in on the discussion on Chitika SPHERE and receive expert optimization reviews from the staff and other members.

Are you the “do it yourself” type? Here are 3 quick tips to try on your own:

Placement Although you have the choice to put your eMiniMalls in any position you want on your web page, some places have been shown to be more effective than others.

Style-Look and Feel It has been shown that CTR from eMiniMalls is significantly influenced by the ad’s overall aesthetics. “Well, how should they look?” you ask. Although this varies based on your website (every site’s audience is different, so there is no single clear-cut answers here), the general rule of thumb is that you want to have your eMiniMalls “blend in” with the rest of your page.

Integrating Multiple eMiniMalls units A great feature of Chitika eMiniMalls is that you can use an unlimited number on your web page. While we certainly don’t recommend plastering your page with hundreds of eMiniMalls, we have found that using up to 3 of the ad units on your page can be effective, especially if they are targeted differently.

Other Chitika members just may have a thing or two to teach you!

SPHERE SUCCESS! The Chitika forum has become such a fantastic place to exchange tips along with great experience point-of-views, that I almost wish we opened it sooner. Whether you are a beginner “Chitikan”, a proud long-standing user or a non-user, the forum has a little something for everyone.

What Chitika SPHERE has brought to the blogosphere is real members with real solutions to help you make the right optimization choices and increase your site revenue.

BE IN THE KNOW. What SPHERE does ultimately is bring awareness to those who may have heard about Chitika and want to learn more. I believe it is the #1 resource to learn about what Chitika is all about and how it will benefit you. With the revamp of the website, we wanted to accomplish one thing: That when you come to to be able to find out in 30 seconds who we are, what we offer and what is new as of today. What SPHERE brings to this message, is proof that these features work and how to make the best use of each service Chitika offers, using “pearls of wisdom” from actual member experiences.

Some cool tips from the forum.

Backing up your Adsense ads with Chitika

Where to position the right types of ads


-Karla Escolas Chitika, Inc. Marketing Manager


Does Chitika | ShopCloud$ come in my size?

Have you discovered the hidden treasures in your ShopCloud$ yet? If you have, then you would know that you are able to show the hot products YOU want to show, in your custom ShopCloud$! Use your ShopCloud$ to feature cool topics like: “My favorite holiday gifts”, etc. Or you can choose from one of our 44 categories. Either way, your visitors will love the interactive (AJAX) drop-down menu, which helps easily find the products they are looking for!

New sizes available! Your customizable ShopCloud$ can be customized in the following sizes:







What will ShopCloud$ look like on your blog/website? 

Chitika’s referral program, who’s the real winner? …

The publishers!!! (Mini wave in celebration of you!)

Who says nothing in life is free? Does earning some easy extra cash each month sound good to you? Course it does, which is why we went all out this year by giving our users referral commission for 15 months, instead of 12. The gift that keeps on giving each month, not just once!

Chitika’s referral program wins for you! How did Chitika earn it’s #1 spot in the referral program category? It was a close one, the nomineese were really good, we weren’t sure if we had it.. we gave our users 10% referral commission for 12 months. But right in the end we stole the victory by giving a 15 month referral commission! By offering you 10% of your referrals revenue for the first 15 months they use Chitika, we have made some users very happy. Fact: “There are some Chitika users who are making thousands from referrals alone!”

In English, what this means for you.

Scenario 1: If you refer 1 user with a Chitika revenue that accumulates to $40.00 a month; $600.00 in 15 months. You will earn $60.00. Now, if you refer two users with this revenue amount, you get $120.00!! Imagine the amount you could be receiving if you had 5, 10, 15 referrals! Just for telling some friends about Chitika!

Scenario 2: Refer a user who accumulates $100.00 a month; $1500.00 in 15 months. You will earn $150.00 just for referring them! Double, even triple that with just 2 or 3 referrals!!! There is no limit to the amount you can earn. Get $50.00 or $5,000. That number depends on you!

How can you refer someone? Get a Chitika account- it’s easy, sign up! Have one? Login, click on Referral Program, and here you can choose from 16 promotional banner sizes. Or use your referral link in text form to catch some referrals. Your link is right there for you to grab when you click on Referral Program. It will look something like this: overview.php?refid=yourIDhere

Are you still here? What are you waiting for?

We all want something good in life: What Chitika is doing to help

Chitika SPHERE becomes a success with many publisher requests! Our goal when we launched Chitika SPHERE, was to create an in-house forum for Chitika members to meet, talk about what works for them, what doesn’t and share some tips and tricks. Chitika SPHERE has become this and more! We have created a personal environment for members to interact with Chitika engineers & client service employees to request some cool new stuff. This has been a great resource for us to hear what you have to say!

4 immediate actions we took:

  • New RPU sizes.

In addition to our current size: 468×120, we have added the following new sizes: 468×90, 300×250 and 250×250. View them all here. You can get the new sizes by logging into the code generator.

“Thank you for introducing the new sizes. We recently implemented the 300×250 on one of our sites. After gathering statistics over the past few days, it was determined that we experienced a 13% increase in average page eCPM since adding the unit.” -leapforward

If you do not currently use RPU’s, but would like to, check out the criteria requirments our client services rep Ryan Travis has put together.

  • Default tab options.

Tim Flight, from asked, “I would like to see the default tab parameter “ch_default_tab” expanded so that we can specify more than one tab to use as a fallback in case other tabs happen to not be available.” Read the solution from Chitika SPHERE’s EngineeringGrunt.

  • Feed me RSS!

You can now subscribe to Chitika SPHERE’s RSS feed for when you don’t have time to check all new posts. Directly subscribe to SPHERE’s RSS.

  • I want it!

We introduced ShopCloud$ as a new test product exclusively through the forum, and received many requests to try it out! One of the many great reasons to be part of the forum! So what are you waiting for! Register, and be part of the group who gets to try new things first from Chitika! This is the start of many new features we hope to offer our users! The only way to make sure you are taking full advantage of the Chitika staff is to register. -Karla Escolas

Chitika | ShopCloud$- Discover a tag cloud that reward$

Chitika gives you its holiday shopping weapon…

  • Display hot products from 44 categories or create your own!
  • Amaze your visitors with an interactive (AJAX) product search
  • Generate CPC $$$

Do not go into this holiday shopping season without it! Available to all Chitika members! LOGIN now, and click on the ShopCloud$ tab to get started. Not a member? Sign up now! So, what’s in your cloud?

Why publishers are going Chitika for Chitika!

Another reason to dote upon our service? Uh, why not! (gulp. smile. eyes wide. pride showing) We gladly put our best foot forward. Our absolute favorite thing to do here at Chitika, is personally reach out to our publishers. We can’t help it. We like to be able to put a name, face and personality to a publisher ID and website. We want to know what you like to do in your spare time. And we’ll tell you too, just ask! Some of our publishers already know this about us, because we work closely with most of them already. So we thought to ourselves, “how can we get to know everyone, even those that may be a little computer shy? I’ve got an idea! An online community, one where people are already used to going and are comfortable with. I’ll call it a…… forum!” For those who have not yet checked out Chitika SPHERE, you are missing out on some great discussions between our publishers and the Chitika staff. Once you do, you will see we have made sure it has a personal touch to it. No questions will go unanswered, and if you can manage to stump us on a question, we will try our best anyway. Hey, we are human too.

SPHERE Hot Topics:

  • 15% revenue increase with RPU
  • Tag clouds + shopping = $$$
  • ShopLinc vs. Amazon aStore