Making the best use of Chitika eMiniMalls Category Hints

Lets face it, when something is unclear; we tend to get a little weary about trying it. Lets put an end to our worries about category hints and figure out when it benefits to use it, and when it doesn’t. Category hint myth answered When you select a category hint in the code panel, lets say our Digital Camera category hint, code #7185, the system will not rotate between this category and your set of keywords. If you are using an array of keywords, your unit will show ads based on the search results for those words. The only time a product is shown from the category, is when one of your keywords fail to show a relevant ad using the category hint as a fallback, thus avoiding the no-fun network defaults that used to show up (before we launched the category hints feature). If you have particular products you want shown, then using a category is not right for you. However, if your site is generally about digital cameras or MP3 players, then rotating through categories will save you time from picking out all MP3 player keywords, instead it will automatically rotate between all the related products you need! Your most common questions answered:

“I am using keyword “Panasonic 5.8 GHz 2-Line Cordless Phone”; why is my unit showing another Panasonic item instead of using the category I chose?”

The system will find that exact product or show another Panasonic product before using a fallback. Once the system finds nothing related to your keyword, it will then use a product in the category list.

“I am using the keyword “laptop” along with the category hint “Mac Laptops”; why is my unit showing an IBM laptop?”

The system will first try to find matching products for the “keyword” and will rely on the “category hint” only when it fails to find any matching results for the specified keyword. Although we have 26 categories to choose from, not everyone will find one specifically for their site. One thing you could do is run with our Season Specials category. This category is compiled of the latest products ranging from digital cameras to MP3 players & other electronics. This category is great for a site featuring many different kinds of products. Need help with keywords & selecting a category? A member of our support staff can personally help you find the best matches for your site. Still haven’t looked at what categories we offer? View all 26 categories.

Dad’s Day with Chitika

Become your own store by offering some great gifts for dad! Whether your website is about computers, cats, or windows, everyone has fathers day on the brain. Trigger someone’s interest with some hot gift ideas in your own eMiniMalls units. You don’t have to login to your code panel to update your eMiniMalls unit, simply replace the keywords in your code with new keywords. Be sure to test out the keywords that you wish to use in one of your own eMiniMall units or by using our live demo on

Featured Father’s Day Keywords: Delphi Satellite Radio Sony Cyber-Shot 8.1MP Digital Camera Norelco Smart Touch XL Shaver George Foreman Grill Sharp – 13″ Flat-Panel LCD TV Samsung – MiniDV Digital Camcorder

Chitika sets you free! The great thing about Chitika is we offer freedom of choice. You can choose to show the ads you want. So why is this a good thing? You know your visitors better than anyone. You know why they come to your site and what they are looking for. They could be readers, shoppers or just faithful friends. Either way, you know what they want to see, not us. It is important to switch up your ads so that you are showing different products to keep people interested, especially if you have a lot of returning friends. I would recommend rotating between 10 keywords at a time, changing them at least once a month. Or you could pick one of our categories, allowing us to rotate between our selected products in whichever category you choose (you can set this up in your code panel). Take some time to search for products in your own unit that you think others would want to see & simply edit the keywords in your code (just be careful not to click on your own unit while searching for products). Another great thing about Chitika is our customer support. We can help you every step of the way when choosing keywords, picking the right size unit or placement for it on your site.

Chitika | CNET Co-branded eMiniMalls Units

We are thrilled to announce the release of Chitika| CNET co-branded eMiniMalls units featuring best deals, promotions, offers and paid listings from hundreds of name brand merchants along with expert product reviews from CNET editors. More deals, offers, and promotions for website visitors and increased revenue for our publisher clients! Sample Chitika | eMiniMalls unit featuring merchant listings from CNET: 728×90 unit (reduced in size) We are selectively integrating offers and promotions from CNET across the eMiniMalls network mainly on technology and consumer electronics related content pages.

Recipe for Content Integrated eMiniMalls

The most effective position for eMiniMalls is inside the content of the blog post. Studies show that units positioned within the post content outperform units placed outside the blog posts. Recommended unit size for in-content integration: 180×150 (as shown in this blog post). eMiniMalls also work best when positioned at the end of the blog post but above the comments section. Recommended unit size for end-of-content integration: 468×180 (see unit at the end of this post). In general, the rule of thumb is that eMiniMalls work best when positioned inside or very close to the main body of the post. For more recipes click here.

osted by Venkat Kolluri – CEO

Chitika eMiniMalls Recipe for Top Products in a Category

Ever wanted to just sit back and show the top products in a category ? Say your site is about GPS devices and you want to show the top GPS gadgets out there.

Why would you want to do this ? This is the quickest and easiest way of showing the most popular products in your selected category. And the product selection is updated automatically for you as new popular products are released in that category.

Where should you put this ? While this recipe works with all formats, the most popular position for this recipe is usually the side column of your website. The most common size is the 180×150 format. For most of our publishers, this is a nice content-looking widget that they can place in their side column. You can even label that section with headings like “Hot Digital Cameras” or “Most Popular GPS Receivers”.  

How do you get the code for this ?

  • Login to your Chitika affiliate account, hit this link, change the category, grab the code and paste the code into your website template. That’s it !
  • If you are a code hacker, simply remove the line that contains the word “ch_query” and set your category code (See list of codes) using a line like this: ch_default_category = “200001”;

For more recipes click here. Posted by Alden DoRosario – CTO.

Chitika eMiniMalls Colors Recipe

The first thing you notice when looking at anything whether it be a cereal box or a website is the COLOR. It catches the eye and stands out BAM! Yelling and screaming at you saying “look at me!” So what does this have to do with eMiniMalls? Everything. The color you choose as the background and font will depend on if you have chosen the right recipe for the content of your site. What the heck am I talking about? It is important that you match your eMiniMalls unit colors the best you can to the colors of your site. Why? Because this will say a lot about your personalized unit & help you generate more $.

Ok now that I have your attention.. Lets take the traditional great white background for example.. your eMiniMalls unit should also have this same white background. Or have you chosen the mystique black background? Our units also come in black! What is your content color? Yellow? Green? Match the font color to your content. This integration will add marshmallows to your boring cereal!

Eye Candy. People love variety, so changing up the colors of your unit once in a while will attract some new & old visitors to your fabulous unit!

Border Line. One kind of cereal isn’t great for everyone, neither are borders. Do you have other bordered content on your page? If so, placing a border around your unit may be a great accessory.

And there you have it! Marshmallows, Eye Candy, & Borderlines.. All make for a perfect color customization recipe for your site! Stay tuned for more recipes!

Posted by Karla Escolas – Sales Manager

Cocoa Banana Muffins and Chitika eMiniMalls

While eating breakfast this morning, the recipe for cocoa banana muffins on the cereal box caught my attention. Recipes on labels and boxes have long been a popular way for food companies to supply home cooks with new ways to use and enjoy their product. In fact some of the most popular recipes: Nestle’s Toll House cookies, Lipton Onion Dip, Chex Mix and Rice Krispy Treats first got introduced via pamphlets or on can labels. On that note, we are now introducing eMiniMalls Recipes, a series of short blog posts with simple and quick to use tips and tricks to best maximize your revenue from eMiniMalls. Karla Escolas, our Sales Manager kicks off this series with the “colors recipe”.

  • Chitika eMiniMalls Colors Recipe
  • Chitika eMiniMalls Recipe for Top Products in a Category
  • Recipe for Content Integrated Chitika eMiniMalls

Posted by Venkat Kolluri – CEO

Chitika eMiniMalls Payday

We completed processing the monthly payments for February. PayPal payments and checks are on their way. Here’s to all Chitika affiliates. Thank you! We are very excited to see in our network thousands of web publishers from 126 countries across the world, as plotted in the map below. Create your own visited countries map or vertaling Duits Nederlands

Chitika eMiniMalls Jan 2006 payments are in the mail.

Payments for January 2006 have been processed and are in the mail.

  • If you opted for Paypal, you should have received the Paypal payment notice in your email
  • If you opted for check payment, the checks have been processed and are in the mail
  • Notable Exception: If we requested a W8 or W9 tax form from you and we have not yet received the form, your payment is on hold and will be processed immediately after the form has been received

Interested in increasing your earnings? Check out our categories feature. Some of our publishers who are using the category feature are seeing a boost in earnings. For example, a publisher with content about digital cameras was able to quickly add eMiniMalls units displaying the most popular digital cameras.

Interested in testing multiple categories to see what works best for your site? Use our channel-tracking feature to track earnings from units with different categories.