How Local Businesses Are Seizing Opportunity in the Smartphone Market [Chitika in the News]

Chitika made front page news today in the Worcester Business Journal, where CEO Venkat Kolluri and GM of Chitika’s Mobile Division, Matt Kojalo, were both interviewed on Chitika’s focus shift toward the rapidly-growing mobile ad world. The article, “Growing Smartphone Ecosystem Creates New Jobs, Ventures,” by Matt Pilon, focuses on the businesses in central Mass that are popping up and thriving amidst the booming smartphone market. Read on to see Chitika’s feature in the article, or click here to read the full story. Learn more about how Chitika can help drive your Mobile initiatives when you become a Chitika publisher.

Growing Smartphone Ecosystem Creates New Jobs, Ventures

MATT PILON Leave us a comment telling us how you are taking advantage of the smartphone boom.

Driving Traffic to your Website [Tips]

Happy Friday everyone! We get a lot of questions on how to drive traffic to websites. Since our ads are search targeted, that makes sense – the more traffic, the better! There are a lot of great posts on the net that will teach you how to do this – a quick search on SEO will turn up a ton of results. This post from has a lot of great tips (15 of them!), some of which we have briefly summarized below – and added some of our own. You can also see the full article here.

Tag posts This is a very popular SEO trick – it will make your site more available to those conducting searches on Google or Yahoo!.

Submit blog or site to search engines This will help your site get exposure, and the more tips you follow the higher your search ranking will be.

Comments This is an easy way to drive traffic and doesn’t take much time. Respond to comments on your site to engage your readers – this will keep them coming back. You can also comment on other blogs and link back to your site. However, be careful not to spam – make sure you are commenting on relevant articles and posts when you do this. Otherwise, Google may penalize you.

Images A lot of times, users will use Search Engine image searches. Therefore, it is important that your site is not only text rich, but image rich as well!

Adding content in the form of subpages The more content rich pages you have on your site, the better! You want to make your site as accessible as possible.

Social Networking Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter – they’re all your friend. Use all of these networks to update people on your newest posts, or your site in general where it is relevant. Try to accompany posts with a picture – you’ll see higher click rates.

Google AdWords or Bing Ads If you aren’t opposed to spending some cash on promoting your site, try these options. You can bid to have your site display depending on keywords searched, and there are a lot of options for targeting (demographics, location, etc). ReTargeter has a nice writeup on local targeting with AdWords, which you can take a look at here.

What do you do to drive traffic to your site currently? What works best?

Come join Chitika’s Happy Hour @ T.R.A.F.F.I.C Conference in Fort Lauderdale

Chitika will be hosting a happy hour at the T.R.A.F.F.I.C Conference in Fort Lauderdale, which is taking place this weekend from October 7th to October 10th. The conference is being held at the Ritz Carlton, and representing Chitika will be Vik Chhabra, Director of BizDev. To get more details on the happy hour, contact Vik either via email at, or via twitter, @Vikc. Chitika’s Happy Hour will take place Monday night at 7pm in the Ritz Carlton lobby bar. If you monetize your domains, talk to Chitika – where data drives ad revenue. To learn more about the conference, visit

Say HELLO to ChitikaApps!

We are excited to introduce our new ChitikaApps, which will enhance the way users experience ads on your site and allow you to generate maximum revenue with your Chitika account.

Chitika Apps Logo ChitikaApps is now live with four new ad units, which will allow you to monetize your site in a way that works best for you. Our first four ad types available through ChitikaApps NOW are:

  • Chitika Highlighter – When one of your site visitors wants to copy and paste some text on your page, they will be served an ad based on the keywords that they have highlighted directly below that paragraph of text. The ads will disappear once they copy and paste different text. These ads will only appear when text has been highlighted.
  • Chitika Hover – These ads will hover on the bottom right corner of your site, and will stay in the position as your user scrolls down the page. They are similar to our mobile ads, but take up less screen space and will show on all devices, not just mobile. A great way to make sure your Chitika Ads don’t go by the wayside.
  • Chitika Linx – Back by popular demand, Chitika Linx are in-text ad units that automatically identify relevant keywords on your page to hyperlink (double underline) to interactive paid (CPC-based) product listings. For those of you with a text-heavy site, Chitika Linx is for you!
  • Chitika Pages – These are interstitial ads that your site visitors will see after clicking a link on your page, before being redirected to their desired destination. There will be a set period of time this ad page will show before the visitor is redirected. These ads are a good way to earn revenue from your site visitors before they leave your webpage for good.

ChitikaApps is open RIGHT NOW! Simply check the boxes of the ad types you want to try out, and ads will automatically be placed on any page where you are currently running Chitika ads. This is a great way to boost your existing Chitika revenue, so don’t miss out!! Log in now and get started.

What’s it like to work at Chitika? Visit our new Careers page to see!

One of the most frequently asked questions we get here at Chitika is, “What’s it like to work there” and more importantly what is it that we do exactly? Well, we have your answers in the form of our newly redesigned Careers page! We wanted to show the world what life is like inside Chitika, who our people are, and what types of projects you could find yourself working on. What Chitika perks are our favorite? And how to connect with us socially. The look and feel of the page is similar to that of an infographic, fully integrating our data driven background to tell the story. Besides, there is no better way to tell a story than through the data that drives it! We invite you to browse through our new page, learn about who we are and what we are passionate about, and of course – APPLY! Leave us a comment telling us what you think of the new design, and be sure to share it with your friends – you never know who might be the perfect fit for a career here at Chitika!


Come meet us at WPI on September 19! [Careers]

As we race through September with new product developments and record-breaking Insights reports, we haven’t forgotten the importance of our hiring initiative. More specifically, the future Chitikans that have just started class this month! To kick off our recruiting efforts in the college world for the class of 2013, we will be attending WPI’s Fall Career Fair on September 19th from 1pm-5pm. So, to the tech geeks, math nerds, and science whizzes of WPI – we’re looking for you! Chitika is always on the hunt for fresh talent. We want those of you constantly coming up with innovative ideas and plans – and putting them into action. We are already home to two WPI alums (Martin Meyer and Matt McGonigle, ’06), and will be on the lookout for more! We will also be back at WPI on October 3rd, where our Director of Engineering and Operations and Director of Data Solutions Engineering (Harlan and Jay) will be giving a presentation to the students (keep an eye out for more info on that later ;-)). Hope to see you there!

Introducing: New Chitikan Wednesday! [Hiring]

As we move through 2012, we’re always thinking of ways to improve what we currently offer. From our products to our perks, we like to incorporate innovative, never-been-done ways to give us an edge over the competition. Most recently, we’ve implemented our new Wednesday Start Date program for new hires. So what is the Wednesday Start day all about? Most people have their last day at their old job on a Friday, and are expected to report into work at their new job the following Monday morning. Switching jobs is a stressful time for anyone, and two days just isn’t enough in between! Therefore, we decided to give our new employees two extra days to relax over a long weekend before their first day of work at Chitika. Even better? They’re still being paid for the Monday and Tuesday before they start. This week, I want to introduce you to our 4 newest Chitikans who are the first to experience our new Wednesday Start day program. We’re really excited to have them on the team, and know they each individually bring a lot to the table. One thing we like to do is introduce new employees to Jim Collins’ “Hedgehog Concept,” designed to help you discover how to make the best decisions for yourself in your work life that will lead to success. Scroll down to meet the newest Chitikans!

Matt Kojalo Appointed as New GM of Mobile Advertising Division

We’re super excited to announce that Matt Kojalo has joined Chitika as the GM of our quickly-growing Mobile Advertising Division. Matt comes to Chitika with over 15 years of experience working with a range of companies – from small startups to national mobile operators and large-scale international advertisers. Prior to joining Chitika, Matt was the VP of Global Advertising at Poynt, where he secured and monetized worldwide advertising opportunities for the company. He has also previously held the position as VP of Biz Dev at MocoSpace, the largest mobile gaming community in North America. During his time there, Matt played an integral role in building a network of over twenty-two million registered users and becoming a profitable online and mobile community of choice. He also established and managed strategic alliances with many partners,including Verizon and ATT. Matt will be responsible for leading Chitika’s Mobile division in continuing to create innovative products that cater to the demands of advertisers, looking to reach their audience in the right place, at the right time and in the right way. Matt will also lead in the planning and execution of Chitika’s global roll-out of the Mobile Ad Exchange Platform. When he’s not kicking ass alongside our Mobile Team, Matt likes to spend his time at the beach, racing cars, and brushing up on his photography skills. Welcome aboard, Matt! To be the first to know about our newest mobile offers, be sure to sign up for our Newsletter below!

Chitika Pioneering Industry Shift Toward Mobile Ads [In the News]

At Chitika, innovation is something we are able to successfully incorporate into all aspects of our company. You’ve heard about our unique office atmosphere, but it’s important not to forget about who we are – a data analytics company and online ad network. In Sunday’s Worcester Telegram & Gazette, Jon Towne, correspondent, detailed Chitika’s ahead-of-the-curve approach to Mobile Advertising and how we use location and interest-based targeting to effectively deliver high-performing ads.

With the shift of web browsing market share favoring mobile devices, Chitika has been at the forefront of the ad companies that are adjusting their technologies and resources to accommodate this shift. We recently welcomed Matt Kojalo to the team, who will head our Mobile Division as the GM and will be responsible for the planning and execution of our global roll-out of the Mobile Ad Exchange Platform.

Check out the article below, or visit the Worcester Telegram’s website here!

Which Chitika Ad Type is Best for your Website? [Tips]

For a publisher that is new to Chitika, figuring out which of our ad types is the best fit for your website can be a challenge. Not to worry – we have it all laid out so you can pick the ad units that will suit you and your site’s needs.

Text Ads:

Text ads are good for beginners, as well as users who have specific spaces where they want to place their ad units. We have a very large list of preset sizes, so for those of you logging into your account for the first time, picking out a new ad unit is a breeze. From banners to small squares, we have it all.

List Unit:

The List Unit is great because you can choose your desired width, and depending on how many ad units you choose (or are available) your unit height will adjust. If you choose to display 5 ads, but a specific search query only turns up 3 ads, the unit will adjust so that there is no empty white space underneath the listings. Therefore, it’s important to place these ad units in a spot on your site where a change in height won’t mess with the content formatting on your page.

Mobile Ads:

Mobile ads are great for mostly everybody, as they will only display on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets), and hover at the bottom of the page as your users scroll down. However, it is important to keep in mind that if you have a vast loyal following of website visitors that may be coming from mobile devices, they may not like seeing mobile ads every time they come to your site (think a dedicated forum community situation).

Local Ads:

Located under “Map Ads,” our local ads are great for websites that are location specific. Think directories that help users find local businesses in their area, or websites completely devoted to one location. These ads units look like our regular text ads, but with the addition of a small map to show the location of the businesses being advertised.

What type of ads do you use on your site? Which works best? Be on the look out for an announcement coming soon about our newest ad types!