Tim Cook, Peter Oppenheimer Cite Chitika Insights Data on Apple Q3 Earnings Call

Tim Cook, Peter Oppenheimer Cite Chitika Insights Data on Apple Q3 Earnings Call

  • 24 July 2013

Lending additional validation to Chitika Insights’ Web analytics and the importance of Web usage statistics in general, Apple executives cited Chitika Insights’ June Tablet Usage Update as part of the company’s quarterly earnings call on July 23, 2013. This is second consecutive quarter in which the company has referenced Chitika usage data as part their report to key investors and the general public.

In reference to the company’s iPad business, Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer stated:

Customers continue to love their iPads... the latest study published today by Chitika reported that iPad accounted for 84.3% share of tablet web usage by customers in the U.S. and Canada - its highest level this year.

While taking questions from analysts, Apple CEO Tim Cook referenced Chitika statistics in response to questions on iPad’s progress in relation to its competitors:

What I can tell you is that the most recent data I have gotten which actually just came out I believe this morning is that the iPad Web share data shows that through the quarter we accelerated further and now, iPad accounts for 84% of the web traffic from tablets which is absolutely incredible and so if there are lots of other tablets selling I don't know what they are being used for because that’s a pretty, the basic function is a web browser.

With the growing importance of mobile applications and commerce, Apple referencing this data again underscores the importance of Web usage statistics in addition to more traditional figures like sales and shipments figures when determining success of a device on the market.

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