What you Need to Know about the New Features in the Chitika PartnerCenter

What you Need to Know about the New Features in the Chitika PartnerCenter

  • 4 April 2014

Formerly the Publisher Panel, our revamped Partner Center has undergone some major changes with our latest redesign. The aim was to make it as easy as possible for publishers to monitor and make changes to their accounts. In this blog post, we provide an overview of some of the newest tools and improvements that are available to all Chitika publishers:

Report dashboard

  • This tool provides traffic and revenue reporting for every 24 hour period, and you can customize reports to look at data over several weeks or months
  • If you used our previous reporting tool, you’ll notice much improved load times in this latest version
  • Additionally, you can now access these reports on any mobile device to keep track of your revenue while you’re on the go

New easy ad code generator

  • Through a simple-to-use drop down menu, you can choose the ad unit that best fits your site in terms of dimensions and look-and-feel, and get the code in one click
  • Additionally, on the upper right hand side of the page are links to our plugins for WordPress, Blogger, and Drupal sites, which include step-by-step instructions for implementation

Simple setting toggles

  • In the Ads>Settings menu, you can manage any of the following options in mere moments:
    • Mobile ads (toggle on or off)

    • Display ads (toggle to always, mixed, or never)

    • Ad filters (just enter keywords for ads you never want to see on your site, such as competing companies or products)

  • In the ‘Default Apps’ tab, you can quickly add or remove Chitika apps, such as Hover, from your page
  • In the ‘My Domains’ tab, our system automatically detects on what sites your ad code is appearing and allows you to claim those domains as your own
    • This means it’s super simple to add new sites into your account: just add the code to a given page and then check back in a few days to claim the domain

We’ll be diving further into these and other features in the weeks and months ahead, but for now, take a look around and take advantage of these great improvements! As always, if you have questions or problems, shoot us an email at support@chitika.com