Logging Data Part 4: New Tools for the Trade


Thus far, our Logging Data series has focused on the nuts and bolts of our network operations and data infrastructure. While we employ some terrific software and hardware, our proverbial secret sauce consists of the various customizations we employ using these tools. No place was this more evident than during the transition from HDFS to Gluster, and the subsequent porting of Hadoop resources. The team here is well versed in working around issues, so after some brainstorming, the solution pretty much morphed into “Let’s just build something internally that fulfills our needs better than Hadoop.” Not an easy task, but one that our Operations and DI teams took on readily

Logging Data Part 2: Taming the Storage Beast

The previous installment of our Logging Data series outlined how individual impressions move through our network. In this edition, we’ll discuss the necessary storage considerations cataloguing all of these impressions effectively 24 hours a day, specifically focusing on the challenges that result from the requirements of ad network operations.

Logging Data Part 1: The Journey of an Impression

Data Flow (public).png

In this “Logging Data” series, we’ll provide some in-depth detail on the intricacies of data collection, infrastructure, and access here at Chitika, hopefully providing some useful lessons for both newcomers and veterans in the field. Our first post will focus on our logs – the baseline of our data collection – and the subsequent processes that coalesce the information they contain into more readily accessible formats for our data scientists.

The Great Wall of Data: Chitika Visualizes 10+ TB with Minecraft


As Chitika displays hundreds of millions of ads every day, a tremendous amount of data need to be stored to fulfill business requirements. In our case, that figure amounts to roughly 1 to 1.2 TB per day. The Chitika Data Infrastructure and Engineering teams each have several Minecraft aficionados among them, and our recent side project visualizes roughly 10 terabytes of this data as large towers of 8-bit 3D-rendered blocks. We call it, aptly, the Great Wall of Data.

Now introducing: Faster, better Chitika ad code!


Remember that time we completely overhauled our PartnerCenter to speed up your reports, smooth out the payment process, and enhance mobile access? We like to think that if you’re not ahead of the game, then you’re not in the game. That’s why we recently upgraded all of our ad code to be better (and more ahead of the game) than ever!

Fun and Service on the Job: Chitika’s Spring Outing

2014-04-03 10.08.36.jpg

While almost any company outing presents a great way to bond with coworkers, Chitika’s spring outing provided the added benefit of helping out our local community on top of the usual drinks and fun. Prior to hitting up Pinz in Milford for lunch, drinks, bowling, laser tag, and nostalgic video game competitions, our Westborough HQ employees teamed up with United Way to clean and maintain the Assabet River Rail Trail in central Massachusetts.

Gold-Level Tips for Smaller Sites

Earlier this week on Digital Point, Chitika publisher Chris discussed how he got his forum, DeadMansCrossZone.com, upgraded to Gold level while attracting a relatively small audience – tens of thousands of impressions per day. While we’ve discussed major considerations in terms of getting your site Gold account ready, here we’ll be discussing some of the unique considerations for smaller websites looking to achieve Gold account status as quickly as possible.

What you Need to Know about the New Features in the Chitika PartnerCenter

Formerly the Publisher Panel, our revamped Partner Center has undergone some major changes with our latest redesign. The aim was to make it as easy as possible for publishers to monitor and make changes to their accounts. In this blog post, we provide an overview of some of the newest tools and improvements that are available to all Chitika publishers