Android Web Traffic Distribution: Samsung Share Nears 50% in North America

Android Web Traffic Distribution: Samsung Share Nears 50% in North America

  • 16 July 2013

Samsung’s extensive usage of Android as the operating system for the majority of its smartphones and tablets, along with the company’s success in the marketplace, has led Samsung to be the leading Android device manufacturer. Examining North American Web traffic from users of each Android manufacturer’s devices, Samsung holds a significant 47.2% share.

In order to quantify this study, Chitika Insights examined millions of North American Android smartphone- and tablet-based online ad impressions seen within the Chitika network from June 17 to 23, 2013. The data was then segmented by device manufacturer.

As seen in the graph above, Samsung held a significant edge in terms of Web usage over other Android manufacturers as Q2 2013 came to a close. Samsung’s substantial advantage in terms of total marketing budget for its mobile products may have contributed to its success within the Android marketplace.  Interestingly however, 25% of Samsung-based Web traffic comes from older or non-flagship devices, such as models like the Samsung Galaxy Ace. The Samsung Galaxy S III continues to hold on to the largest share (32%) among all Samsung devices models.

Outside of Samsung, Amazon, and its 8.8% share figure is particularly noteworthy. The online retailing giant has only released its Kindle and Kindle Fire line of tablets, rather than any smartphone product like most Android device manufacturers. However, Amazon’s high share isn’t completely surprising due to Kindle Fire generating the second-most tablet Web traffic in North America.  

Despite inroads by Amazon, HTC and other competitors, the Android market is dominated by Samsung in terms of user activity on the Web. Aside from the large marketing budget, Samsung also offers a very wide variety of smartphones in terms of size, functions and price, which likely also contributes to its large share in the space.