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When you arm yourself with the right data, you have the power to make informed decisions. This is why we created our independent research arm, Chitika Insights. Our team of passionate and innovative Data Solutions Engineers produces a series of reports each week uncovering unique trends in Internet usage as seen on the extensive Chitika ad network. Using a rigorous data verification process and working directly alongside device manufacturers, Chitika Insights strives to provide the most accurate and representative data available.

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Android Tablet Update: Nexus 7 Usage Holding Ground, Kindle Fire on Upswing

  • 16 September 2013
In late July 2013, Google unveiled its second Nexus 7 branded tablet, which was produced in conjunction with device maker Asus. With Nexus tablets having been some of the more popular Android tablet options since their release in 2012, Chitika Insights conducted a study examining the North American Web traffic distribution of Nexus 7 tablets over three months – June 2013 to August 2013. For comparison, combined Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD usage was mapped over the same time frame.

Android OS Adoption: One Year Study

  • 6 August 2013
One week following its release, Jelly Bean 4.3-enabled Nexus devices are already responsible for a little more than 37% of North American Web traffic generated from Nexus-type devices running Android 4.0 or higher. However, when carriers start rolling out Jelly Bean 4.3 to other Android devices, the question regarding its potential adoption rate remains a closely-watched issue. To analyze the subject, Chitika Insights also studied the Web traffic generated by a few Android smartphone models that were released with Ice Cream Sandwich and were subsequently upgradable to Jelly Bean.

Android Web Traffic Distribution: Samsung Share Nears 50% in North America

  • 16 July 2013
Samsung’s extensive usage of Android as the operating system for the majority of its smartphones and tablets, along with the company’s success in the marketplace, has led Samsung to be the leading Android device manufacturer. Examining North American Web traffic from users of each Android manufacturer’s devices, Samsung holds a significant 47.2% share.

10-Week Study: BlackBerry 10 Web Traffic Share Grows but BlackBerry Declines Overall

  • 9 July 2013
Chitika Insights: 10-Week Study: BlackBerry 10 Web Traffic Share Grows but BlackBerry Declines OverallBlackBerry 10 Web usage has grown steadily since the operating system’s North American debut in March, 2013. However, users of the new devices still account for less than 25% of all BlackBerry-based Web traffic within the continent, with BlackBerry Web traffic share declining over the past several months.

Non-4G Smartphones Still Generate 70% of North American Smartphone Web Traffic

  • 27 June 2013
Chitika Insights 4G vs. Non-4G Smartphone Web TrafficWhile more than 50% of mobile phone users in the U.S are smartphone users according to comScore, most phones sporting a 4G antenna are pricier than their 3G counterparts. Examining smartphone Web usage across North America, Chitika Insights found that 4G phones contribute to about 30% of the total traffic from all North American smartphones. Within the 4G group, users of newer phones, specifically released after July 2012, generated 53% of continental 4G smartphone traffic.


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