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When you arm yourself with the right data, you have the power to make informed decisions. This is why we created our independent research arm, Chitika Insights. Our team of passionate and innovative Data Solutions Engineers produces a series of reports each week uncovering unique trends in Internet usage as seen on the extensive Chitika ad network. Using a rigorous data verification process and working directly alongside device manufacturers, Chitika Insights strives to provide the most accurate and representative data available.

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Windows 8 Adoption at Top U.S. Universities

  • 10 April 2013

Chitika Insights Windows 8 Adoption at Top U.S. UniversitiesWindows 8’s relatively tepid rate of adoption has been well documented, but with institutional contracts being a sizable portion of Microsoft’s PC business as a whole, the Chitika Insights team looked to examine how Windows 8 was faring on college campuses. Using the top 50 universities as ranked by U.S. News and World Report in 2013, Chitika Insights then re-ranked the schools by the percentage of Web traffic identified as coming from desktop computers running Windows 8 through the ISP associated with that university.

Snow Leopard is Still the King of Mac OS X Jungle

  • 2 April 2013

Chitika Insights North American Mac OS X Version Distribution In late August 2012, Chitika Insights observed Web traffic from OS X Mountain Lion users constituting more than 10% of all Mac-based Web traffic a month following its release. At that time, Mac developers were dealing with a decidedly fragmented operating system (OS) environment, with users of four separate OS versions each generating around 10% of Mac Web traffic or more. Now nearly seven months later, Chitika Insights examined the current distribution of Web usage from Mac OS X users.

Hour-by-Hour Examination: Smartphone, Tablet, and Desktop Usage Rates

  • 26 March 2013
Chitika Insights Graph Thumbnail, Hour-by-Hour Examination of Smartphone Tablet and Desktop Usage Rates Recent analyst estimates point to mobile Internet usage overtaking desktop-based Web traffic as early as 2014. This isn’t a tremendous surprise. With smartphones, users have become accustomed to immediate communication and ubiquitous Web access, and with the advent of higher data speeds, users get a broadband-type Web experience via their mobile phone. Moreover, easy accessibility and portability of mobile devices supports their usage around the clock. With mobile having made Web browsing a truly 24-hour affair, Chitika Insights wanted to quantify mobile and desktop usage as a function of hour of the day.

Comparison of Apple and Samsung Device Operating System Distribution

  • 19 March 2013

Apple and Samsung Logos In a March 14th, 2013 interview, on the eve of Samsung’s Galaxy S IV launch event, Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller went on the offensive against the Android smartphone ecosystem as part of an interview with the Wall Street Journal. One of the major points Mr. Schiller emphasized was the fragmentation of operating system (OS) versions amongst Android devices – seemingly to contrast that with low fragmentation within the iOS marketplace. Chitika Insights decided to examine statistics from our network to investigate Mr. Schiller’s claims when it comes to the latest devices from both manufacturers.

Cumulative Traffic of North American iPads 50% that of iPhones

  • 13 March 2013

Chitika Insights Graph Thumbnail, iOS Traffic Share by Device Tablets have been one of the most popular pieces of consumer technology during the current decade, especially in regards to North America. Despite this momentum, smartphones have a nearly three year head start on the market, and are now near ubiquitous within North America and other areas around the world. With Apple's mobile devices being some of the top choices within the tablet, smartphone, and music player marketplaces, Chitika Insights conducted a study to examine the distribution of iOS device traffic.

February Tablet Update: Usage of Android Tablets Again Rises in North America

  • 7 March 2013

Chitika Insights Graph Thumbnail, February Tablet Update As the tablet market heats up, Apple’s iPad, the longtime front runner, has begun to experience increased pressure from its Android competitors. A recent report from an analyst at Tech-Thoughts projects 7-inch Android tablets to overtake the iPad in Q1 2013, supplemented by increased demand in emerging markets. In regards to North America, Chitika Insights regularly tracks tablet Web usage to quantify month-over-month developments, and this latest report updates our January study on the subject.

While Still Small, Chromebook Share of Internet Traffic Jumps 700% since June 2012

  • 4 March 2013

Chitika Insights Graph Thumbnail, Chromebook Internet Traffic Share up 700 Percent Back in June, Chitika Insights data pointed to Chromebook Web usage rates in North America being 25% that of PlayStation users, and 1/100th that of Linux users – a small share, particularly for an OS that has been on the market for over a year. However, the holiday season brought with it a renewed marketing effort for the Chromebook, along with announcements of different manufacturers jumping into the Chromebook marketplace. Additionally, on February 21st, 2013, Google announced that it was set to release Chromebook Pixel, a $1,300 laptop closer to its PC and MacBook cousins rather than previous models. In light of these developments, Chitika Insights looked to revisit the Chrome OS usage environment.

Samsung Galaxy Note II Traffic Split Nearly Evenly Amongst Major U.S. Carriers

  • 28 February 2013

Chitika Insights Graph Thumbnail, Samsung Galaxy Note II Traffic Split Evenly Amongst Major US Carriers The Samsung Galaxy Note II was released this past fall as a successor to Samsung's successful Galaxy Note. The unit was carried by all the major U.S. service providers (AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon) and global sales exceeded five million units within two months of release. As the phone is one of the most prominent devices within the so-called “phablet” market, Chitika Insights looked to examine how the devices have been received by different carrier subscribers.


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