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When you arm yourself with the right data, you have the power to make informed decisions. This is why we created our independent research arm, Chitika Insights. Our team of passionate and innovative Data Solutions Engineers produces a series of reports each week uncovering unique trends in Internet usage as seen on the extensive Chitika ad network. Using a rigorous data verification process and working directly alongside device manufacturers, Chitika Insights strives to provide the most accurate and representative data available.

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Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean Users Generate 50% of North American Android Web Traffic

  • 26 February 2013

Android Logo The latest version of Android, Jelly Bean, has introduced new features such as a more powerful camera interface and predictive search tools. The OS itself is compatible with many of the newer Android smartphones that have been released over the past year, enlarging its potential install base. While Google’s own statistics point to global adoption of Jelly Bean coming in around 13% of its users, Chitika Insights looked to quantify the version distribution within North America.

iOS 6.1.2 is the Most Popular Version of iOS Less than One Week Following Launch

  • 25 February 2013

Chitika Insights Graph Thumbnail, iOS 6.1.2 Most Popular Version of iOS As the result of reports of what Apple described as "an Exchange calendar bug that could result in increased network activity and reduced battery life" for some iOS 6.1 users, the company released its latest update to iOS 6. The newest version, iOS 6.1.2, was launched on February 19th, 2013 – slightly over a week following its release of iOS 6.1.1, which was targeted explicitly to iPhone 4S users. With this latest update going out to iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches, Chitika Insights examined the initial adoption rate of the OS, to compare it with our earlier study on iOS 6.1.1.

Sprint Subscribers Generate Most Samsung Galaxy S III Traffic in North America

  • 22 February 2013

Chitika Insights Graph Thumbnail, Samsung Galaxy S III Traffic Breakdown Global sales of the Samsung Galaxy S III notably surpassed 20 Million units sold within the first 100 days. The smartphone's status as a flagship phone, combined with substantial demand for the product and its wide availability, have made it an essential offering for many cellular carriers. Given its position as a market-leading product, Chitika Insights conducted a research study to determine the current rate of Samsung Galaxy S III usage across each carrier selling the phone in the U.S.

Post-iOS 6.1.1 Launch, iOS 6 Users Generate 83.1% of all iOS Traffic in North America

  • 13 February 2013

Chitika Insights Graph Thumbnail, iOS 6 Users Breakdown Apple released iOS 6.1.1 as an over-the-air upgrade on February 11th, 2013 - a mere two weeks after the release of iOS 6.1. The quick turnaround for this latest release was due to problems encountered by some iPhone 4S users regarding cellular connectivity and accessing Microsoft Exchange over their devices. With the latest update only going out to those iPhone 4S users, Chitika Insights examined how iOS 6.1.1’s release impacts the overall distribution of iOS traffic in North America.

January Tablet Update: Usage Share for Android Tablets Rises in North America

  • 5 February 2013

During the fourth quarter of 2012, tablet sales saw 75.3% year-over-year growth, according to the latest research figures from IDC. These sales estimates underscore the trend that tablet and mobile devices are now driving growth in personal computing. To determine the current distribution of Web usage among leading tablet devices following the holiday season, Chitika Insights sampled U.S. and Canadian tablet ad impressions running through the Chitika Ad Network.

Post-Launch Study: Windows 8 Adoption Lags Behind Mountain Lion

  • 23 January 2013

logosIn the PC space, the battle between Apple and Microsoft is seemingly as old as the PC itself. Both companies released new versions of their desktop operating systems (OS) last year - Mountain Lion for Apple’s Macintosh computers, and Microsoft’s Windows 8. Chitika Insights examined how each OS has been adopted by Macintosh and Windows users, respectively.

33-Week Study: Android and iOS Usage Share Changes Little on the Chitika Network

  • 15 January 2013

fighting logosBetween the smartphones and tablets running their respective operating systems, Apple and Google lay claim to the vast majority of mobile users worldwide. At the end of November 2012, Chitika Insights took a six-month look back at how Web usage shares compared between the two systems. With only a 2% share change, the data showcased how not much had changed during that period of time. Now that holiday sales and gift-giving are behind us, we extended the study through early January.


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