Before WWDC, iOS 6 Dominates iPhone and iPad

Before WWDC, iOS 6 Dominates iPhone and iPad

  • 6 June 2013

Back in March, the Chitika Insights team reported that iOS 6 users were generating 83.1% of all iOS traffic in North America. With iOS 7 set to be at least partially unveiled at next week’s Apple Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), we revisited overall iOS distribution through an analysis of millions of online ad impressions generated from May 21st through May 28th, 2013.

Chitika Insights Graph: Q2 2013 iPhone iOS Distribution

The results point to iOS 6 penetration having largely leveled off. Overall, iPhone users are more likely to have updated to iOS 6 as compared to iPad users, with most of the difference being that a significantly higher percentage of iPad users are still running version 5. A possible reason for this difference may be that many of the most noteworthy new features in iOS 6 were geared more towards mobile usage (e.g. Facetime over mobile networks, turn-by-turn GPS). Earlier analyst estimates point to most tablets being solely WiFi-enabled, making some mobile-focused features useless on iPads. 

Chitika Insights Graph: Q2 2013 iPad iOS Distribution

Regardless of the reason for the disparity, the data bolsters the idea that iPhone users tend to be serial updaters. At nearly 93%, North American iPhone owners are almost all running the most recent iOS version in some form. Chitika Insights will examine how this behavior translates to the upcoming release of iOS 7.